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Mahmood Lytkin
Mahmood Lytkin

Ep 38 - Google Drive

Tony continues to see Gloria, even as her erratic behavior continues. Dr. Melfi uses the term "amour fou" (crazy love). Gloria happens to meet Carmela at the Mercedes dealership. She gives her a drive home, eliciting information from her. When Tony discovers this, he furiously breaks up with her. Gloria phones him, sobbing uncontrollably. He goes to her home and gently explains again that he is breaking up with her. She threatens to tell Carmela and Meadow about their affair. When Tony, enraged, starts strangling her, she urges him to kill her. He stops, and threatens her as he leaves. Later, he sends Patsy to repeat the warning: he goes for an ostensible test drive with her, pulls the car over on a deserted rural road, holds her at gunpoint, and tells her that if she ever contacts Tony or his family again, he will kill her.

Ep 38 - Google Drive

At lunchtime, Nicole shows the boys how she shops online, explaining that she never actually buys anything because she gets her money stolen before Gumball points out that the safety lock is on, meaning it is okay. The two become pleased that she is starting to learn, only for Nicole to pay by inserting her money into the disc drive, prompting them to point out her stupidity.

Leon Wolfe was a brilliant scientist who was gifted with curiosity and drive. This personal account touches on salient events in a rewarding collaboration and lifelong friendship, starting from the original identification of prostaglandin as a natural neurohumoral agent and progressing with the unpredictable developments of this research beyond the brain. Design and serendipity are the leitmotifs in an exciting story unfolding over the years. 041b061a72


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