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Berserk (1997) Episodes 1-25: The Dark Fantasy Classic in English Dub

the anime will also be airing simultaneously with a new film called berserk: the golden age arc, which will be a remake of the original 1997 film and will be released on september 26, 2016, to coincide with the release of the new anime.

Berserk 1 25 Complete English Dubbed

the anime was announced in may 2012, when a teaser trailer was released. after the trailer, it was confirmed that the series will be airing in an all-new original animation, with the official website for the anime introducing the series as berserk: the golden age arc, and setting the story after the events of the 1997 film. the anime will be directed by shin itagaki, with screenplay writing by makoto fukami and takashi yamashita. character designs will be provided by hisashi abe, while animation studio liden films will be handling the animation production.

berserk is a manga series written and illustrated by kentaro miura. it was serialized in weekly shōnen jump magazine from march 1989 to july 1991, and was collected in tankōbon format. it is a fantasy story in which humans are enslaved to serve as supernatural servants to the aforementioned "demon" known as guts. the protagonist, guts, is a mercenary who seeks redemption after being cursed by a demon to become a mindless warrior in a war against the kingdom of his former life. in the process, he takes on the guise of a giant wolf with superhuman strength and a powerful blade called the elf puck.

one of the biggest issues surrounding berserk is the fact that its difficult to find a community of people who are fans of berserk and the anime version. there are, however, many people who are fans of the berserk manga, and would like to see the anime version on the same level as the manga. many of these people have created an online community, known as the berserk church. the core of the berserk church is a community of people, who, though they dont know each other, have a lot in common, including berserk.


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