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FileMaker Server 11 Getting Started Manual FileMaker

If the router is using DHCP, it may be necessary to setup the Server computer to a manual address, to avoid the Router loosing track of which computer to route the external FileMaker Remote Access requests to. That way, whenever the server machine gets turned on, it will have this address and the address will not interfere with other dynamically assigned IP addresses of other computers on the network.

FileMaker Server 11 Getting Started Manual FileMaker

I tested this in windows 7, and it worked fine for me. You might want to check that there are no other instances of filemaker running, that can possibly cause a conflict. Also that you are running the latest version of FMP.

Having two versions of filemaker is likely to be a issue only if you are a developer, especially with Pro Advanced versions. The simplest answer is to be aware and launch FileMaker Pro 13 (any version) first.

I see a possible issue with filemaker web view using IE on windows platforms. Under most normal security settings Internet Explorer restricts scripts (over a certain size it seems) from running. I think in most cases it is not possible to change the IE security settings for all users running the DB. This very much restricts filemaker from taking advantage of fun javascripting! Perhaps someone has come up with a workaround for this?

Question on this technique. I am new to filemaker, but I have been a web programmer for years, so this all makes pretty good sense to me. But one question I have. If I run a callback/ajax request to a filemaker script, how do I retrieve data from the script. Your examples show how to sent a parameter to the script. I am wondering how to get the script to pass data back to the web viewer in the same call.

Is there a way to put a browser in full screen mode? New webdirect users often do not click the correct buttons in a filemaker solutions and do not log out properly. They often close the browser or use the back button of the browser. Putting the browser in full screen mode and disabling the F11 key may be a solution for this. The key is thus to put the browser in full screen mode using some script. (filemaker script, or javascript or a combination of the two.)

It is possible to open the chrome browser in full screen mode and go to a specific URL. But for this to work you need to have a shortcut file on the desktop that contains the instructions. The F11 key is disabled and it is only possible to close the chrome broser with alt F4. This is not an ideal solution, but the best one I found up to this moment. A script that can put the chrome browser in full screen mode would be a better solution. Webdirect should somehow put the chrome browser into full screen mode. The desktop shortcut does not work well if chrome is already open. Could it be possible to run some javascript code in a filemaker webviewer that puts chrome into full screen mode?

In this getting started exercise, create a Lambda function using a blueprint. A blueprint provides sample code to do some minimal processing. Most blueprints process events from specific event sources, such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon DynamoDB, or a custom application.


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