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The enclosed calendar prompted me to go on their website. While on the website, I stumbled onto "The Solar Bible Bus," a very intriguing battery and solar-powered audio player with all of Dr. McGee's teachings and the complete Bible (pick your translation) in audio form.Now, I love electronic gadgets, and I had to order one, thinking this is the perfect thing to listen to late at night if I can't sleep or to use while driving. With its raised button icons and simple operation, it's easy to use in the dark or for someone with sight impairment.

buy audio bible

Audio Bibles allow you to listen to the word of God on your favorite format such as MP3, DVD, CD, or Cassette. You can download your favorite audio Bible to your iPod, iPhone, or other portable media player and you can enjoy listening to Bible verses from your favorite Bible version.

The King James Bible audio website lets you listen and read the Audio Bible KJV online for free. The King James Bible online is a FREE KJV Audio Bible. The Audio Bible KJV has the text and Audio Bible files linked together. Click the chapter links below to enjoy listening and reading the Bible together. We hope this free KJV online Bible is a blessing to you.

We have been working hard to get some of the best audio Bibles and books out there. Our store currently has over 25,000 different digital books and resources (as of 2021), and we are equally dedicated to providing as much quality, audio content as possible.

I purchased this NIV Audio bible last 2 years but after 1 year my audio bible start jumping and now a days i cannot enjoy my audio bible i cant listen properly bcos its jumping every minute can anyone from developer to fix this huge problem for everybody. Even for my wife niv audio bible is jumping also..this is very bad right now.

Question, does the ESV study Bible that cost over $30 integrate with the various Bible reading plans? Various Bible apps with audio readings already coincide with daily readings and/or reading plans are usually just offered free as a basic feature.

Yep! These features come with our audio Bibles. The text will appear at the audio Bible plays as long as you have the same translation in ebook form in the app. Most of those translations are free. But some, like the NRSV, require a small in-app purchase.

Love audio options for Bibles. I assume that only Bibles are on the docket for creating audio versions, right? I would like to be able to listen to some of my commentaries and Bible study tools on audio. Is there any way to do that? Or is that coming?

Gonna get this. I had it first with audible, but there is no chapter and verses there. Glad Olive Tree made this possible to see the text, chapter and verses, and the you can stream this its great. Very good bible with uses of 500 voices. Its deserves to get treated in the best maner you at Olive Tree have done it, made it possible for us to get right into chapter and verses.

The Truth & Life Dramatized audio Bible New Testament is endorsed with an Imprimatur from the Vatican and includes a foreword by Pope Benedict XVI. Voiced by award winning internationally-renowned actors including: Neal McDonough, Kristen Bell, Sean Astin, Michael York, Blair Underwood, Malcolm McDowell, Stacy Keach, Brian Cox, Julia Ormond, John Rhys-Davies and many more. The Truth & Life audio New Testament is a first of its kind dramatized audio Bible from the RSV-CE. The Truth & Life Audio is synchronized at verse level with the RSV-CE Bible text.

What makes Dwell so unique is that you can switch voices and background music on the fly without losing your place in the audio. Plus, every book, story, playlist, and plan is accompanied by beautiful artwork.

The Bible tells us to meditate on its scripture both day and night. Most of us take that as reading the Bible, but also consider the great audio Bible listening options available today. We've got a breakdown of the best Bible apps that play the audio of the Bible so you can listen to Scripture on your smartphone or tablet.

Dwell is the most expensive of the audio Bible listening options. However, you can try it out for free and use the limited tools. Users can listen to four voices that sound great. You can sample each of the four voices on their website.

The most downloaded app of all time also includes audio Bible listening, called Bible by Life Church. If you use the application online, just click on the sound icon above the Bible text (see image below) and it pops up a window offering to play the audio of that passage. Click the translation drop-down box and you'll see which translations offer audio versions. They include an audio icon right of the name.

Open the app to your chosen translation and passage. The drop-down list of translations shows whether it has audio Bible listening options with the same sound icon the website has. Then, tap one to open it and then tap the toolbar next to the translation name. The audio icon on the toolbar shows up, so you can tap it to start listening. There's a play button at the bottom of the screen. While listening, tap that icon to open the play controls. You can play, skip back one verse or skip forward one verse.

Users don't get as many audio options as the Dwell app, but we like that it's built into the Bible app so you can both listen and read, depending on which one's more appropriate for the setting. You can read more about the Bible app in our roundup of the best simple Bible apps.

Actually, Olive Tree offers both audio Bibles and other audio Books. You'll find more audio Bibles for sale in Olive Tree than any of the above. They cost anywhere from $15 to $45. They also offer other audiobooks, from children's audiobooks to Christian living titles. They can cost as little as $2, or as much as $47.

Open the audio Bible by tapping the Library button above the Bible on the main screen. To see only audiobooks, tap on that item in the popup. If you look in the main list of all books, you'll see that books with audio have a small headphones icon on them at the bottom of the book cover. Tap the icon to open the audiobook player control screen (seen below).

You can start listening from the beginning or from where you last left off. You can also tap the Bible book and chapter name to jump to a new chapter. Regular audiobooks use the chapter titles of the book. The controls will let you play, skip back or skip forward by verse or section, depending on the type of book. You can control the volume, play speed and connect to external speakers.

Of course, one of the other best Bible apps available comes from Faithlife. The Logos Bible app offers a rich feature set for both basic Bible readers and hardcore Bible scholars. They include audiobooks too, but like Olive Tree, you will have to buy most of them.

To open the audiobooks, tap on the menu button in the lower right end of the toolbar. You'll see an Audio menu item with a right-pointing arrow. Tap it and you'll see all the audiobooks available in your library. Open one and you'll see the audio files available.

Whether you take it with you on your morning run or listen to it in your car, this audiobook provides a month's worth of inspiration and wisdom. The 31 daily installments, drawn from Psalms and Proverbs in the King James Version (KJV), make for truly inspired listening - the ideal way to start your day with praise, wisdom, and hope.

Ever since he became a Christian at the age of 40, it has been Poirot actor David Suchet's dream to make an audio recording of the Bible. In between filming the final episodes of Poirot, David Suchet spent over 200 hours in the recording studio to create the very first full-length audio version of the NIV Bible spoken by a single British actor. This recording is an excerpt of that Bible.

Portuguese Audio Bible Online The Bible Online in Your Language -bible/ You can listen to the audio version of the Bible in Portuguese language at The John Ankerberg Show's website.

World Christian Audio Directory =1467167164 The World Christian Audio Directory has a list of audio recordings in around 1000 languages including Portuguese. Thousands of titles of Christian audio recordings from around the world are listed with a description and where to buy them.

That's where Talking Bibles comes in. We have over 30 years of experience producing audio "Talking" Bibles, we have access to over 2,000 languages, tearing down any language barriers, AND we have the infrastructure in place to reach those in need.

Breathe Bible is also available as an app for both iOS and Android. You can see the complete list of actors, hear audio samples, and learn more about Breathe Bible from their website:

SwordSearcher does not itself include an audio Bible, but instead, supports "linking" MP3 Bible file sets available from various sources. To enable Bible audio in SwordSearcher, you simply integrate them in SwordSearcher with the easy-to-use Configure Audio Bibles window.

Once you copy the files from the Hendrickson DVD to your hard drive, you can add them to SwordSearcher by selecting Configure Audio Bibles on the File menu. Using this audio Bible allows you to play individual verses from the Bible, as well as play complete chapters. 041b061a72


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