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Buy Tickets To Duomo Florence

The Dome can only be accessed on a contingent basis with one of our companions or guides, following the restricted rhythms of the slot and not independently. No lift is available and there are many steps. The climb is not recommended for people with a heart condition or suffering from dizziness and claustrophobia. Bulky backpacks and bags are not allowed. No cloakroom available. It is possible to reserve free admission for the person with difficulties, by writing to the email or by contacting the cash desk in Piazza Duomo 14, subject to availability, against a certification document. Any gratuity for the companion is subject to further considerations. For privacy reasons, the email conversation will be deleted. For any paying people to match, we kindly ask you to make the purchase online.

buy tickets to duomo florence

Guided tours for individual and predefined group visitors are prepared to make them discover the Historical Complex in its entirety. This includes the Cathedral, the Rooftops, the Archaeological Area, the Museum, and more. Take advantage of queue-jump tickets and make last-minute bookings if needed.

You might be wondering where to buy tickets for duomo Florence, well, the answer is online or at the ticket office. Online booking of the cathedral of Florence is the most convenient option to avoid long queues and secure your entry.

The most affordable and easiest way to skip the line for the Duomo is to buy your entrance tickets online. As most of the queue is for the ticket office, purchasing tickets in advance will cut your waiting time in half.

Few architects dared to manufacture the dome of the Duomo di Firenze. That is why a competition was organized for the design of the dome. Spurred on by this challenge, Filippo Brunelleschi designed a construction technique that allowed him to build a dome larger than any dome at the time. With a height of 115 meters, it is nowadays also one of the largest vaults in the world. You can also climb this dome, but keep in mind that you have to climb 463 steps. However, the panoramic view of the city makes this climb more than worth it. To climb the dome, you must reserve separate tickets. Definitely the highlight of the Duomo.

Visiting the interior of Florence Cathedral is free. To climb Brunelleschi's dome with its magnificent view, the adjoining museum and the baptistery, you must book tickets. More info about tickets for the Duomo.

Various private companies sell tours that include a reserved museum entry (I like Artviva, Florencetown, Florentia, Context Florence, Walks Inside Florence, and Exlusive Connection). If you're booking a private guide well in advance, they are most likely happy to obtain tickets and reservations for your time with them.

When booking advance Uffizi and Accademia tickets through their own websites, note that available time slots for full-price tickets are marked "Intero/Full." Once you've selected a slot, you'll receive an email with a voucher that you take to the ticket desk a few minutes before your visit to swap for an actual ticket.

Various companies offer guided museum tours that include a reserved museum admission. If you're booking a private guide well in advance, they will likely be happy to obtain tickets and reservations for your tour with them. Ask when you book.

Florence's most distinctive monuments are the city's Duomo and some of its related sights: the Baptistery, Campanile, and the Duomo Museum. The Duomo Museum, the most important of these sights, never has long lines. The Campanile and Baptistery offer no reserved tickets, and usually have lines of modest length. But the dome climb is only possible with an advance reservation, bookable when you buy a 72-hour Duomo combo-ticket online (ticket also covers the Baptistery, Campanile, Duomo Museum, and Santa Reparata crypt, inside the cathedral).

There are several recent modifications to the tickets to visit the Duomo of Firenze. Before the closure due to Covid-19, it was possible to buy one single ticket to access all the areas. Currently, each section of the Duomo complex has a specific ticket.

You can either book your Duomo tickets online from the official site or from an online travel website. It is best to compare prices between several providers before booking as discounts and deals are sometimes available and can save you some money.

One of the best ways to experience the Florence Duomo is to get tickets for a guided tour. Guided tours will often give advance access, helping you save time by not having to wait in line, as well as giving you a chance to explore a variety of sites together. Why not make the most of your time in Florence by exploring the best of what the Duomo has to offer, rather than waiting for hours to get in?

Although there is free access to the interior of the Florence Cathedral, you will have to buy tickets for access to other parts of the cathedral complex. Ticket prices according to the official website are divided into adult tickets and reduced price tickets for children aged 7 to 14. Persons with disabilities and their carer, as well as children aged 6 and under, enter all attractions for free.

In 2022, the previous system of combination tickets is returning to see the sites associated with the cathedral. Three passes are available (with the rivalry of the artists returning in the names of tickets):

Special deals such as the Firenze Card are not available (it should return later in the year). For admission tickets, there is really no need to use any intermediaries, except when taking full guided tours, or if the better cancelation conditions (and sometimes availability) of approved ticket resellers appeal.

The high season in Florence is increasingly long: Easter, May, July, August, and the Christmas holidays are especially busy. November and January to mid-March are the only quiet months. Plan and book time-slot reservation tickets and tours when available in advance. Top sights are quieter directly at opening time or in the late afternoon.

To visit the Battistero di San Giovanni, you must book a combined ticket with the Opera del Duomo Museum. You can visit the Baptistery on its own without a ticket to the museum, but these tickets are only available on the first Tuesday of each month.

This article will explain all the different ways of getting tickets for the Duomo Florence and the connected attractions, so as to inform your decision-making process. You will also find plenty of other practical information that will help you plan your visit and make the most of it.

There are several ways of getting Florence Duomo tickets. You can opt for a ticket from the official website, third-party sites, through tours, or at the door. If you decide to get a tour online, be sure to shop around first and compare ticket prices as they may vary between tour and travel operators.

Purchasing your tickets for the Duomo Florence and for the monuments of the Duomo Complex is actually mandatory. If you do not have pre-purchased tickets, you run the risk of not being able to climb the Brunelleschi Dome or visit the other monuments on your day of visiting.

There is no admission fee to visit Florence Cathedral, and you can actually enter without a ticket or booking. However, if you want to visit the other monuments in the Duomo Complex you should be aware that there are no individual tickets and that bookings are mandatory. You can only get a combination ticket that includes various monuments of the Duomo Complex.

Free admission is available for all monuments for people with disabilities and their companion. To get your free access, you need to send an email to or contact the desk in Piazza Duomo 14, providing a certification document.

Countless third party booking sites offer skip-the-line mobile tickets. Of course, in terms of price, most are a few euros more expensive than the official price, but in exchange you get impeccable customer service, usually 24/7 and in a language of your choice, and you can also count on a significantly more flexible cancellation policy, usually within 24 hours before your visit.

My favorite third party booking sites to look for skip-the-line tickets are usually GetYourGuide and Tiqets. They allow you to read reviews from other travelers, so that you know exactly what to expect.

Tickets for the Duomo Florence and the Duomo Complex sold on the official website are usually the first to get sold out. You will have better options of finding tickets on third party booking sites (they often buy tickets in bulk and allow cancellations, so you may be able to count on someone canceling at the last minute), and even higher chances if you decide to join a guided tour.

In this guide, you will discover the pros and cons of climbing the Duomo, how to buy tickets, the best tours of the Duomo, and other helpful tips to prepare you for your climb.

The first thing you need to do to prepare for climbing the Duomo is to book your tickets. You can purchase tickets on the main website. They offer tickets at least 7 months in advance. You will want to book your tickets as soon as possible because they do sell out.

Visiting the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore is one of the most popular attractions in Florence. When we were there, there were multiple long lines wrapped around the exterior of the Duomo. I was very happy that we booked skip the line tickets.

The Brunelleschi Pass includes access to all monuments of Piazza del Duomo, including climbing the Duomo. When purchasing your tickets, you must select a date and time to visit the Dome. The other monuments included in the pass can be visited within three calendar days from the date chosen.

The best time to climb the Duomo in Florence is either early in the morning, or late in the day near sunset when the crowds have thinned out. Also, try to avoid booking your tickets during peak times, such as weekends and holidays, when the cathedral can get quite busy. 041b061a72


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