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Microsoft Exchange Alternatives ? Empower Your Organization With Intranet Solutions Extra Quality

Build automated solutions faster by extending Power Automate with Azure. Seamlessly scale automation across the cloud on Azure virtual machines (VM), reducing internal approvals and costs for unattended RPA. Plus, start modeling your processes by connecting to all your data in Azure and provide development teams options to enhance communication using Power Automate connectors, such as Azure DevOps connectors.

Microsoft Exchange Alternatives – Empower your Organization With Intranet Solutions

Build cohesion and inform your employees throughout your intranet. Drive organizational efficiency by sharing common resources and applications on home sites and portals. Tell your story with beautiful communication sites. And stay in the know with personalized, targeted news on the web and the SharePoint mobile apps.

In growing and large organizations, information can get buried. An intranet portal serves as a single, centralized channel for internal communications where employees can share and exchange information via chat, call, or in forums.

Workvivo can replace your legacy intranet with modern features and boasts an adoption rate of 90%. Like other social intranet tools, it helps employees connect seamlessly and also features the ability to engage staff through podcasts and live streaming.

Apart from the standard features good intranet software should have, Interact also lets you connect your messaging to digital signage and offers an extranet to communicate with external stakeholders.

Built to accelerate your SharePoint and Microsoft 365 environment, IntranetPro is a modern intranet tool that combines enterprise features with a sleek interface. You can support employee engagement, remote workers, and align the company.

Integrate your knowledge base, document management systems, and intranet software with business apps via an in-app embedded wiki to surface the right content to enable users to seek contextual help when they need it.

Almost all organizations want an Intranet and primarily need it for private document management and collaboration inside the organization, but they also need to share files and content with vendors, partners, and customers. Moreover, by building a SharePoint Intranet across your organization, you can gain control over mismanaged content as well as reduce the risk of data leakage.

SharePoint Intranet solutions designed by EPC Group are capable of transforming information flow throughout your organization while making them more efficient. Some other benefits of SharePoint Intranet include the following:

Claromentis gives organisations a digital workplace for their employees. They expand the capabilities of a traditional intranet software by empowering people to access information and communicate with their co-workers.

With SharePoint, users can create a customized collaboration environment to best serve their needs. SharePoint makes sharing, managing, and finding documents easier, and its integration into your IT infrastructure can provide your organization with the means to immediately see the benefits of an integrated document management system, including:

And so are the expectations of how technology supports and complements our workplace. Your employees require the ability to work confidently and securely from anywhere, at any time, on any device. That is the Modern Workplace and that is what Microsoft delivers. Designed to empower organizations, Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions fulfill the critical needs of both in-office and remote employees while enhancing efficiency, collaboration, productivity, and work satisfaction.

Sharepoint is a game-changer for sharing and managing content, knowledge, and applications. Drive organizational efficiency and empower your team to find information quickly and seamlessly collaborate.

According to many user reviews, Haiilo is the best intranet platform for enterprise companies. It is a modern social intranet empowering organizations to align their entire workforce, improve employee engagement, drive team collaboration, and increase workplace productivity.

While this intranet platform has many different features, most of them are optimized to mainly enable seamless document and knowledge management. So if you are already using Microsoft 365 in your organization, Microsoft SharePoint may be the best intranet platform for creating document libraries and for document sharing.

For companies with complex intranet requirements, Interact is one of the best intranet providers on the market. It has been serving multinational organizations with specific needs and organizational structures for over a decade.

In a large organization, communication covers a wide range of activities, many of which begin with a corporate intranet or a teamwork solution. Among other communication tasks, an enterprise intranet allows you to deliver services and information, build your culture and brand through a website, and provide a central hub for employees who want to learn more about overall initiatives and explore resources.

SharePoint Online is a great platform for developing a corporate intranet, and Microsoft 365 helps to facilitate this communication tool without the technical burden of managing your own server and on-premises infrastructure. And for general communication outside the corporate intranet, integrated services within Microsoft 365, such as Teams, increase your ability to communicate effectively with colleagues in the digital workplace.

Every company in the world wants to be a place to enable and foster innovation. With Microsoft 365, you can provide your teams with the tools to drive better innovation. Meetings are streamlined with digital whiteboards and areas to keep notes and record the interaction. Information can be easily shared and retained. Employees feel empowered, connected and engaged, regardless of their locations.


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