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2022 - Black Site

Black Site is a 2022 Australian-American action-thriller film directed by Sophia Banks and written by Jinder Ho. The film stars Jason Clarke, Michelle Monaghan, and Jai Courtney. It was released on May 3, 2022, by Vertical Entertainment and Redbox.

2022 - Black Site

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A group of officers based in the Citadel, a top-secret CIA- Five Eyes black site in Jordan, must fight for their lives in a cat-and-mouse game against Hatchet, a brilliant and infamous high-value detainee.[1]

"You gonna tell us what really happened?" Redbox has revealed an official trailer for Black Site, an action thriller from filmmaker Sophia Banks making her feature directorial debut with this. In addition to one other film that's also called Black Site (a horror), there's so many other forgettable films recently that are also set at "CIA black sites" - for example One Shot or Invincible or Agent Game just in the past year alone. In fact, the plot of this one sounds a lot like the plot of Agent Game, which is probably why it's being dumped to VOD. A group of officers based in a labyrinthine top-secret must fight for their lives against Hatchet, a brilliant and infamous high-value detainee. When he escapes, his mysterious and deadly agenda has far-reaching and dire consequences. Michelle Monaghan stars with Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney, Uli Latukefu, Lucy Barrett, and Phoenix Raei. This doesn't look that bad, but it doesn't look that good either. Maybe it'll end up proving to be an entertaining watch with friends, but hard to tell from this trailer.

When Alex Drueke and Andy Huynh were captured by Russians in Ukraine over the summer and later held in a \"black site\" for a month, where the two Alabama men said they endured daily torture and lived on spoiled bread and dirty water, they expected death at any moment.

Both men were moved to outposts until they ended up in a \"black site,\" where they said they were interrogated, beaten, deprived of sleep and forced for hours to sit blindfolded, on their knees, and with their hands across their necks. Drueke's ribs were forcibly cracked.

The U.S. government still treats the locations of the detention facilities as classified information, and a Senate report in 2014 that published damning details about the program referred to the sites using only code names.

Welcome to the Blacksite Zeta Wiki!, some things you should do first:Read our Wiki Regulations!Interested in editing/contributing? Read our Editing Guidelines!And finally, remember to always follow these six rules while playing Blacksite Zeta!

One of the first thing a player does when they first play Blacksite Zeta is selecting one of the 10 playable teams, which can be selected on the main menu or with the Team select menu on the left side of the screen. Facility Security, Technical Staff, Patient, and Medical Staff can be played by anyone as they are default teams, while Specialized Response Squad, Facility Intelligence, Facility Administration and Zeta Labs must be unlocked. Facility Director and Hostile Forces can only be unlocked through their respective gamepasses. (aside for HF, which can be temporarily unlocked through Rampage)

The Facility Security team (abbreviated as FS) is Blacksite Zeta's first line of defense and also the primary defense, as its members reinforce patient cooperation while also terminating any resistant patients who might pose a threat, escort high-profile personnel such as Facility Administration and Facility Director, combat against hostile intruders, and counter pushes or raids by the enemy hostile team. It is also the only combative team freely-available to any player and therefore usually packed with new players.

The Technical Staff team (abbreviated as TS) constantly ensures Blacksite Zeta's operational efficiency, whether by repairing broken and malfunctioning equipment (done by hitting power boxes with a wrench), or restocking vendors, armor stations, and even soda machines (all done by delivering crates). They also are required to repair walls broken by C4 charges, barricades and gas-pipes leaks that could be destroyed by the enemy.

Every Technical Staff rank have a gadget at spawn called Gas-Mask which can be toggled by pressing [H]. This allows them to repair gas-pipes without taking damage.The Technical Staff team is one of two teams that can become a traitor, the other being Medical Staff.Every Technical Staff rank has a helmet with a flashlight on it, which can be enabled by pressing [L]. This allows for better visibility during blackouts.

The Facility Administration team (abbreviated as FA) is unlocked after earning 8,500 XP (Inspector) on Facility Intelligence. This team consists of competent, reliable, and resourceful personnel meant to assist the Blacksite Zeta director in overseeing operations. However, the team is lacking many gameplay abilities. They are not completely useless, since most have experience with combat and can be useful in close fights. FA may wear hair as well as face accessories.

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The Supreme Court ruled today that the United States can continue to withhold information about the CIA torture of prisoners at black sites during the early years of the post-9/11 war on terror from lawsuits trying to hold those involved responsible.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled against the federal government, believing (like the rest of us) that the location of the black site was now public knowledge and that confirmation of the site's existence can no longer harm national security interests. Today the Supreme Court ruled that even though this information has entered the public domain, it can still be classified as a state secret.

Justice Stephen Breyer wrote most of the court's opinion, accepting the government's claim that even just confirming the existence of a black site in Poland is a threat to national security. The ruling is deferential to the authority of the executive branch to decide what falls under a national security interest and, therefore, can be kept secret. In this case, the CIA says that revealing whether we had a black site in Poland could impact intelligence-gathering efforts and "sensitive" relationships.

Kagan wrote separately that while she agrees with the U.S. that forcing confirmation of the black site location would pose a "reasonable danger" to national security, she does not believe that should end Zubaydah's suit. She says she'd allow him to resubmit his requests to remove all Poland-specific references to obtain the testimony he needs without revealing the locations of the black sites.

Gorsuch details the many, many sins of the CIA's torture program, which failed to actually extract the information from Zubaydah that it was looking for. He notes that while the CIA may not be willing to reveal that the black site was in Poland, the European Court of Human Rights ruled as such and cited more than 100 pages of evidence. A former president of Poland has acknowledged its existence.

In "Zero Dark Thirty," Clarke played an intelligence officer who presided over the torture and interrogation of suspected terrorists opposite Jessica Chastain's CIA analyst and protagonist. In "Black Site," it's now Monaghan who is taking on the analyst role, while the tables have turned and Clarke is getting into character as one of the terrorists, a deadly operative codenamed Hatchet, who "uses a skinning knife to erase the identity of his victims." He's not the kind of guy you'd want running loose in your prison, but that's exactly what he seems to be doing in the official trailer for "Black Site."

"Black Site" is written by Jinder Ho and directed by Sophia Banks in their feature-length theatrical debut, with additional writing by John Collee. The movie is distributed by Redbox Entertainment and is coming your way via Redbox kiosks, on-demand services, and select theaters on May 3, 2022. Check out the trailer, below.

Black Site is a 2022 American action-thriller film directed by Sophia Banks, written by Jinder Ho, produced by Asbury Park Pictures and Story Bridge Films, distributed by The Searchers and Youplanet Pictures. The film stars Jason Clarke, Michelle Monaghan, Jai Courtney, Uli Latukefu, Pallavi Sharda, Phoenix Raei, Fayssal Bazzi, Todd Lasance, Logan Huffman, Lincoln Lewis, Pacharo Mzembe, Simon Elrahi, Joey Vieira, Lucy Barrett, Phoenix Raei, Leon Stripp, and Debora Tamay.Black Site was released in the United States on 3rd May 2022. 041b061a72


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