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Although The Quick and the Dead is primarily remembered among film fans starring Sharon Stone as a revenge seeking frontier woman, for me the film stands out because of Gene Hackman. As John Herod, outlaw kingpin and ruler of the outlaw town of Redemption, Hackman is one of the most evil people ever created in any film genre.Sharon Stone has excellent reasons for wanting this man dead, although the truth is the key to the whole film and I won't say. Suffice to say, she's learned the gunman's trade and more than holds her own with any of the male competitors.In westerns about outlaw towns the usual is for the outlaws to respect each other as they are all men on the dodge. That's not what you get in The Quick and the Dead. Hackman for his sadistic amusement decides to conduct a fast draw contest, a kind of fast draw Superbowl. He's even kidnapped a former member of his band, Russell Crowe, who has renounced violence and become a preacher. And his unacknowledged offspring Leonardo DiCaprio is in the contest as well.There is of course a big similarity to the Kirk Douglas/Johnny Cash western, A Gunfight. But in that it was just the two of them staging a contest for both pride and money. That's expanded on quite a bit in The Quick and the Dead.I thought Gene Hackman was brilliant in the Clint Eastwood classic, The Unforgiven. Brilliant and evil also. But Hackman's character of a town marshal in The Unforgiven is a boy scout next to the outlaw kingpin of The Quick and the Dead.

Download Film Shaun Of The Dead Dvdrip

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