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Skyrim Original Soundtrack Download |VERIFIED|

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Skyrim Original Soundtrack Download

The Supreme Commander official Soundtrack, featuring the music from Supreme Commander, is only available as a download-only album on DirectSong. The music is in DRM-free MP3 format at 320 kbit/s. Included with the download is the soundtrack cover, should the user chose to burn the CD and print out a cover for his case. Shortly after the release of Forged Alliance in November 2007, additional tracks from the expansion appeared on the album at no extra charge for anyone who purchased the album. Tracks 24 and after are all from Forged Alliance, adding almost 40 minutes of playtime.

Plutonia re-uses the doom 2 soundtrack (track order is just different), so it's already been done technically. However if someone made an original soundtrack for plutonia for a future version of Doom metal, that would be great. I'd like to see Freedoom phase 1 and 2 get a music remake for doom metal in the future as well.

Enderal's original soundtrack was mostly composed by Marvin Kopp, Simon W. Autenrieth, and Andreas Makusev, with additional contributions from Frank Bartholomai (who composed most of the bard songs), Nicolas Samuel Lietzau, Sebastian Löbbers, Philipp Kapusta, Britta Wempe, Jip van Kakerken, Lara Trautmann (better known as Lara Loft), Jerryl, Jocelyn Ahlf and Liz Katrin. The MP3 version of the old soundtrack can be downloaded here; the new, FLAC version of the soundtrack can be downloaded on Steam as DLC content for Forgotten Stories.


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