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@anne - Age of Innocence is closer to Atonement - there is no redemption for anyone - so I think that was probably not a good recommendation for your tastes. Sorry! It's hard to make good individualized recommendations without knowing the viewer in real life. Thanks for suggesting "The Other Guys." I'm often put off by Will Ferrell's brand of humor, too, but my husband really enjoys unwinding with his movies, so maybe that's one we can watch together.

The Perfect Husband full movie in english watch online

Thanks for letting me know about Age of Innocence. Sorry to ask for a revisit of the list, but I'd love to know which of the ones I haven't seen on your recommended list has a relatively happy ending:AmelieThe Philadelphia Story The Way We Were (isn't this a classic tearjerker? sometimes they can be okay, but I've been afraid to watch it...)ImpromptuTwo for the RoadKissing Jessica SteinNothing SacredMy Man GodfreySomething I really enjoyed that is now on Amazon Prime (under TV) is a PBS miniseries called The Buccaneers. It's not a happy ending in the classic sense, but the main characters find love in the end, it is romantic and human. I was just scrolling through an online list of IMDB's top 100 romantic comedies (and thinking 9 out of 10 of their choices are forgettable or a waste of time), and came across Shallow Hal, which I really enjoyed. Also loved Gulliver's Travels with Jack Black, which has a romance element. His movies I seem to either love or hate. Shallow Hal was one of those movies that exceeded my (admittedly low) expectations.


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