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What You Need to Know About Faceware 3.0 and Facial Animation

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Faceware's next generation platform is mainly designed to work with 3ds Max. for 3ds Max Studio users, the new system will offer a robust and reliable, markerless solution for shot based facial mocap. with a new workflow, new markers, new software interface and new models. However, the core technology will work equally well with other plug-ins, such as After Effects and its new version 3D, for 3D designers, compositors and animators. With Faceware Studio, you can create facial motion capture data that can be used with After Effects.. The new Faceware Studio workflow improves stability, workflow and includes new markers for eye movement and lipsync analysis. The new Faceware Studio product supports all version of the 3ds Max rendering engine.

Faceware 3.0 brings with it a complete new workflow and software interface and many improvements to analyzer. facial mocap. the facial movement capture data produced by the system is converted into voxel data and exported into 3ds Max for use in 3ds Max Studio (or 3ds Max 2017)


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