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Download Total Football and Relive Ronaldinho's Greatest Moments in AC Milan

Total Football Ronaldinho Download: How to Play with the Brazilian Legend on Your Smartphone

If you are a fan of football and especially of Ronaldinho, one of the greatest players of all time, you might be interested in playing with him on your smartphone. In this article, we will show you how to download and play Total Football, a mobile football game that features Ronaldinho and many other legends of the sport. We will also give you some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Ronaldinho's skills and abilities in the game.

What is Total Football?

A brief introduction to the game and its features

Total Football is a mobile football game developed by Gala Sports that was released in 2020. It is a realistic and immersive game that lets you create your own squad of players from over 60,000 FIFPro licensed players, including legends like Ronaldinho, Zidane, Messi, Ronaldo, and more. You can also compete with other players from around the world in various modes, such as League, Cup, Tournament, Friendly, and Online Match.

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Some of the features of Total Football are:

  • Stunning graphics and animations that make you feel like you are watching a real match.

  • Smooth and intuitive controls that allow you to perform dribbles, passes, shots, tackles, and skills with ease.

  • Advanced AI that adapts to your playstyle and gives you a challenging and fun experience.

  • Customizable formations, tactics, and strategies that let you build your own unique team.

  • Diverse events and rewards that keep you engaged and motivated.

How to download and install Total Football on your device

Total Football is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store for free. The game requires an internet connection to play.

To download and install Total Football on your device, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Google Play Store or the App Store on your device.

Search for "Total Football" or use these links:

  • Tap on "Install" or "Get" to download the game.

  • Wait for the download to finish and then open the game.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to create your account and start playing.

How to get Ronaldinho in Total Football?

The R10 Academy Event: A chance to obtain Ronaldinho for free

One of the easiest ways to get Ronaldinho in Total Football is by participating in the R10 Academy Event. This is a special event that runs periodically and gives you a chance to obtain Ronaldinho for free by completing some tasks. The event is divided into four stages, each with different rewards. The final stage rewards you with a 100% chance to get Ronaldinho. To participate in the R10 Academy Event, follow these steps:

  • Go to the "Events" tab on the main screen of the game.

  • Tap on the "R10 Academy" banner to enter the event page.

  • Complete the tasks in each stage to earn points and unlock rewards. The tasks include playing matches, scoring goals, winning matches, and more.

  • Collect enough points to reach the final stage and claim your Ronaldinho card.

The R10 Academy Event is a limited-time event, so make sure you don't miss it. You can check the remaining time and the progress of the event on the event page.

Other ways to get Ronaldinho: Packs, Auctions, and Trading

If you missed the R10 Academy Event or you want to get more Ronaldinho cards, there are other ways to get him in Total Football. Here are some of them:

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  • Packs: You can buy packs from the "Store" tab with coins or gems. There are different types of packs, such as Basic, Premium, Legend, and Special packs. Each pack contains a random number of cards, including players, items, and coins. Some packs have a higher chance of giving you Ronaldinho or other legends than others. You can check the odds of getting each card before buying a pack.

  • Auctions: You can bid for Ronaldinho or other players in the "Auction" tab with coins. There are different categories of auctions, such as Hot, New, Ending Soon, and My Bids. You can search for Ronaldinho by using the filters or the search bar. You can also sell your own players in the auction to earn coins.

  • Trading: You can trade Ronaldinho or other players with other players in the "Trade" tab with coins or gems. You can browse the available trades or create your own trade offer. You can also chat with other players and negotiate the terms of the trade.

Why should you play with Ronaldinho in Total Football?

Ronaldinho's stats, skills, and ratings in the game

Ronaldinho is one of the best players in Total Football. He has amazing stats, skills, and ratings that make him a versatile and powerful player. Here are some of his attributes:




AMF (Attacking Midfielder)





Overall Rating














As you can see, Ronaldinho has exceptional ratings in pace, shooting, passing, and dribbling, which make him a threat to any defense. He can also play in different positions, such as CF (Center Forward), SS (Second Striker), or LWF (Left Wing Forward).

Ronaldinho's gameplay, tricks, and tips in the game

Ronaldinho is not only a great player in terms of stats, but also in terms of gameplay. He has a unique style of play that combines flair, creativity, and unpredictability. He can perform amazing tricks and skills that can dazzle the opponents and create chances for himself or his teammates. Here are some of his gameplay features:

  • He has a special skill called "Elastico", which allows him to flick the ball from one side to the other with a quick movement of his foot. This can help him to evade defenders and create space for a shot or a pass.

  • He has a high "Free Kick Accuracy" rating, which means he can score from free kicks with ease. He can also curve the ball with his outside foot or use the "Rabona" technique to surprise the goalkeeper.

  • He has a high "Swerve" rating, which means he can bend the ball in the air with his passes and shots. This can help him to find his teammates with pinpoint accuracy or score from impossible angles.

  • He has a high "Ball Control" rating, which means he can control the ball with any part of his body. He can also use his chest, back, or shoulder to flick the ball over the defenders or to himself.

  • He has a high "Dribbling Speed" rating, which means he can run with the ball at full speed without losing control. He can also use his body feints, stepovers, or nutmegs to beat the defenders.

To play with Ronaldinho in Total Football, you need to master his skills and abilities and use them wisely. Here are some tips and tricks on how to do that:

  • Use Ronaldinho as your main playmaker and give him the ball as much as possible. He can create chances for himself or his teammates with his vision and creativity.

  • Use Ronaldinho's "Elastico" skill when you are facing one or two defenders. You can activate it by swiping left or right on the screen when you have the ball. This will help you to get past them and open up space for a shot or a pass.

Use Ronaldinho's free kicks when you have a chance to score from outside the box. You can adjust the dire


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