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April Padilla
April Padilla

My Head Says One thing.

Part of letting go is recognizing what it is we stand to lose. There are, of course, physical benefits of pet ownership. And maybe, more important, our pets seem to provide many things we, as humans, crave yet are not able to provide to one another: unconditional acceptance and love, unwavering support and unqualified appreciation for who we are. Losing this type of love and connection can be the worst loss some will ever experience. Take time to honor the unique relationship that you will be losing.

My head says one thing….

The specific therapy depends on the type of language loss that a person has. It may include exercises in reading, writing, following directions, and repeating what the therapist says. Therapy may also include learning how to communicate with gestures, pictures, smartphones, or other electronic devices.

Any parent who has spent much time reading bedtime stories is likely to have had the impression that it is possible to read a story aloud while simultaneously thinking about something entirely unrelated. Though the quality of such distracted storytelling may be compromised, these experiences suggest that it may be possible to maintain a semblance of normal prosody while remaining largely oblivious to the actual contents of what is being said. Interestingly, although no research has specifically investigated mind-wandering while reading aloud, considerable research has indicated that mind-wandering during silent reading is both common and detrimental to comprehension (Schooler, Reichle, & Halpern, 2004; Smallwood, Fishman, & Schooler, 2007; Smallwood, McSpadden, & Schooler, 2008). Given anecdotal reports and the established phenomena of silent mindless reading, it seems plausible that a similar process might occur when reading aloud. However, the unique processing demands associated with reading aloud make it unclear whether it would be associated with an increase or decrease in the frequency of mind-wandering.

There is terrible shame about the actions depression dictates, such as not accomplishing anything or snapping at people. Everything seems meaningless, including previous accomplishments and what had given life meaning. Anything that had given the person a sense of value or self-esteem vanishes. These assets or accomplishments no longer matter, no longer seem genuine, or are overshadowed by negative self-images. Anything that ever caused the person to feel shame, guilt, or regret grows to take up most of his or her psychic space. That and being in this state causes the person to feel irredeemably unlovable, and sure everyone has abandoned or will abandon him or her.

well, i was. in depresssion since my childhood and i always used to pray to god to take away from this earth.i was going through deep paranoid, i was having hard time to exist in this one loved me and cared for me intead people has abused me and bulllied me, i used to cry everyday.Nothing was going right in my life, my esteem was going down and i had a extreMe inferiority.

From my experiences depression is always a result of things like dependence, fear, trauma, selfishness, addiction and circumstances. Depressed people are in a bad spot, often of their own creation. They are the sort that have lost faith and do not dare to take risks. They never really face themselves and live within a limited range of experience since they do not allow themselves to break free. That is my personal experience with depression; depressed people do not understand that life is temporary and that they have the power to affect it.

Depression Fallout is a website that has really helped me. Like you Jan I am on the receiving end of the effects that depression has on loved ones. The message board is filled with people living the same things you are. In fact sometimes it feels like so one must have been a fly on the wall in my house because the things they say they have been told by their depressed significant other are exactly what I have heard. They only way to get through this is to know that you are not alone living this fallout. You have to work on yourself if you can hope to be there for your depressed partner. It is the hardest battle I have ever had to fight. And I am fighting it alone.

I cannot think of putting into words what severe depression is like than the above.I feel as though I am an inmate in a prison.A prison that I have created for myself, but one that is no less isolating.At worst, the only comfort it seems is the blanket over your head.

I suffer with sadness myself I am working on my mind that feels sad. In this extreme situation you got to find hope. Hold on and keep searching for help.. The mind can hold on to trauma of the past and that can make one struggle. The things that have happen have not been pleasant I understand. Just realize the sad things that have happened are not always in your control, nor is it your fault.

I have been depressed for years now and the part you wrote about how it feels to have it, is exactly the way I feel. The only thing I know is that medication do not solve depression entirely, only solving the problems behind the depression. Because if you do not face the problems, they will not disappear and you will still struggle with it.

hi Jill,My name is Lisa and I really would like to talk to you about your experiences and how you overcame them. I am currently in a relationship with my boyfriend who suffers from depression. He is on medication and sees his therapist once a week. I have been reading up on how to cope with his depression and its effects on our relationship, and trying to understand this disease and what I need to do. I love him with all of my heart and we have a long history together. I do not want to become depressed myself over this as I am trying so hard not to take things personal and trying to do what he needs in order to get well. I want to do whatever it takes to maintain our relationship and move foward in a positive manner. Thank you

Thank you for this page. It has offered me a lot of insight to this terrible disease. I too, am in a similar situation with my BF. To make a long story short, we dated 20 years ago and 3 years ago he came back into my life, partly to apologize for how he treated me back then.We became friends again and I have supported him throughout his struggles as best as I knew how. We recently started dating exclusively about 5 months ago when he nticed I started pulling away. He said he loved me and that he always loved me and that he couldnt lose me again. Over the past few months, things have been up and down and he is pulling more and more away from me. I amtrying not to take it personally but it is difficult. I feel like I am becoming depressed over this now because I feel like no matter what I do its not good enough. I have taken the advice from this column but I need to know if I need to walk away from this relationship. I can take on a lot and I am very patient but I too have needs. I have tried to talk to him without being judgmental, angry or overbearing but, depending on his moods, wind up being a whirlwind of emotions. Do I give up my needs to stand by the man I love more than anything? Do I communicate to him my thoughts or cover them up so I dont burden him? When is enough enough? How can I deal with these issues day in and day out and still maintain my own mental state? Please someone help me. He has even made the comment that he will never leave me again and that he will never hurt me again but he is pushing me to leave him. He is inadvertently hurting me and I dont know how to tell him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated especially if you are one suffering from this disease. Thank you

Absolutly everything I have never been able to put into my own words about the prison of depression. I am 42 yrs old and have suffered worse and worse major depressive episodes since i was 17. I have taken meds used drugs and drank heavely all in desperate efforts to just feel better. I am a christian and this sickness has had me so conflicted all my life that I had no idea if there was anyway God could possibly mean me when He says He forgives all who come to Him. It has become such a part of me now that I have no idea how to be or think any other way. I have been in such a state at one point as to not feel or think or have any emotion left just dead inside and not even caring to want to be any other way. just numb and content to stay that way. Through much divine intervention and desperation to live again i have began a med regimine again and I just have to trust everything to my faith. i speak to two seperate counslers one is my pastor the other my mental health provider. Its a slow ongoing process that i fight with myself alot to just keep going and putting one foot in front of the other. i am determined to live now, to not just exist and perform for my loved ones enough to fool them that im alive. I dont want to be dead anymore because now that ive been brought back i relize any life is better than where I was. I still sleep alot and have no real pleasure or drive or look forward to much but i have faith and trust and I want to live so thats progress enough right now. I urge all of those who are young or just in the beggining of this debilitating sickness to get help and just keep putting down each foot regardless of what things look like. keep talking even if you think everyone is stupid and they have no idea. sometimes its not so much the person yoour talking to as it is just getting it out. you will have little breakthroughs that surprise you and just when you feel like your doomed to walk this life forever someting will seem different sometimes. its slow going and you wont want to do any of it. Do it anyway. if you fall back and spend a week or so wallowing and sleeping so what you just force yourself alive and do it again anyway. do not let it become you, define you and then kill you body or soul. i promise that is so much worse. Much love and God bless!


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