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Yefim Alekseev
Yefim Alekseev

Drake Take Care Album Download Link Free !FREE!

the materialalong with a collection of other sad, bluesy songs with savage beatdownsis arguably more somber than the celebratory sound of his earlier take care songs and the pop-rap songs in drakes third album views, which he released five months later. but drakes music is that strange object, the one that somehow manages to both attract and repeland, at the same time, never gets old. after drake released the album, on november 10th, it seemed like he was back on his second, sobering rung on his ascent to the top of the hip-hop tree.

drake take care album download link free

so if you listen to take care again now, you are still going to hear drake fretting over a girlfriend who keeps him waiting too long in the middle of the night, his voice slicing through the record and fading away with a poignancy that endures long after the usual last line.

drake sings about lovereluctantly, sometimes, but with a hurtling honesty that was new to his songs. its what makes this album such a bellwether, and such a timeless document of the burgeoning millennium. drake isnt self-consciously composing hip-hophes simply composing songs that are meaningful to him. and why shouldnt a 25-year-old, much of whose artistic impulses are still defined by his teenage years, write about the private details of his life?

as a pop culture product, drake has always been ambitious, though his ambition has sometimes become something predatory. but by recording this album, drake clearly understood that his ambition was best served by trying to deeply connect with his audience, one that still generally feels distant from him. he asks whether we still like him, and whether he does, too.


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