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How To Download Electrobeats By David Guetta On Your Android Device

Electrobeats by David Guetta: A Music Creation App for Android Users

If you are a fan of David Guetta, the famous French DJ and music producer, you might want to check out his app Electrobeats. This app lets you create your own beats and music using Guetta's own sounds and samples. You can also mix and remix songs from his albums, such as DNA, Nothing But The Beat, and One Love.

How to Download Electrobeats by David Guetta on Your Android Device

Electrobeats is available for download on Android devices, as well as iOS and iPod touch. You can download it from the Google Play Store or from the official website of David Guetta. The app costs $4.99 and requires Android 4.0 or higher.

Electrobeats is a fun and easy way to make music on your phone or tablet. You can choose from different genres, such as electro, house, hip hop, and pop. You can also adjust the tempo, pitch, volume, and effects of each sound. You can record your creations and share them with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, or SoundCloud.

One of the coolest features of Electrobeats is the Creator Editor. This tool allows you to add your own sounds and samples to the app. You can import audio files from your device or record your own voice or instrument. You can then edit them with effects and filters and use them in your tracks.

Electrobeats also gives you access to Guetta's social media accounts, where you can follow his latest news, events, and music. You can also upload your tracks to his mobile site and get feedback from other users. You might even get noticed by Guetta himself!

Electrobeats by David Guetta is a must-have app for anyone who loves music and wants to unleash their inner DJ. Download it today and start making your own electrobeats!

How to Use Electrobeats by David Guetta

Using Electrobeats by David Guetta is very simple and intuitive. When you open the app, you will see a main menu with four options: Play, Create, Share, and More.

Play: This option lets you play and remix songs from Guetta's albums. You can choose from 40 tracks, such as Titanium, Memories, Sexy Bitch, and When Love Takes Over. You can also select different parts of the song, such as vocals, drums, bass, and synth. You can then tap on the pads to trigger the sounds and create your own mix. You can also use the sliders to adjust the volume and effects of each sound.

Create: This option lets you create your own music from scratch. You can choose from 16 sound banks, each containing 16 sounds and samples from Guetta's music. You can also use the Creator Editor to add your own sounds and samples. You can then arrange the sounds on a grid and use the sequencer to program your beats. You can also use the mixer to balance the levels and effects of each sound.

Share: This option lets you share your creations with the world. You can export your tracks as audio files and save them to your device or send them via email. You can also upload them to SoundCloud or share them on Facebook and Twitter. You can also access Guetta's mobile site and upload your tracks there. You can then listen to other users' tracks and rate them.

More: This option lets you access more features and settings of the app. You can change the language of the app, adjust the latency, enable or disable the metronome, and access the help section. You can also view Guetta's social media accounts and follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify.

Why You Should Download Electrobeats by David Guetta

Electrobeats by David Guetta is a great app for anyone who loves music and wants to learn how to make their own. It is also a fun way to express yourself and have fun with your friends. Here are some reasons why you should download Electrobeats by David Guetta:

  • It is easy to use: The app has a user-friendly interface and a simple design. You don't need any musical skills or experience to use it. You just need to tap on the pads and sliders and let your creativity flow.

  • It is versatile: The app offers a wide range of sounds and genres to suit your taste and mood. You can make electro, house, hip hop, pop, or any other style of music you like. You can also mix and match sounds from different sound banks and create your own unique combinations.

  • It is educational: The app helps you learn about music production and composition. You can learn how to use different tools and techniques, such as sequencers, mixers, effects, filters, and more. You can also learn how to structure a song and arrange different parts of it.

  • It is inspirational: The app gives you access to Guetta's music and his creative process. You can listen to his songs and remix them in your own way. You can also see how he uses his own sounds and samples in his tracks. You can also get feedback from him and other users on his mobile site.

  • It is fun: The app lets you have fun with music and enjoy yourself. You can make music anytime and anywhere you want. You can also share your music with your friends and family or with other users around the world. You can also challenge yourself and try to make better tracks every time.

Electrobeats by David Guetta is an amazing app that will make you love music even more. Download it now and start making your own electrobeats! 04f6b60f66


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