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Pilot-Scale SFE Simple Refinement (<5g)

  • 10 hr
  • 3,000,000 대한민국 원

Service Description

Complex, heterogenous, raw sample material is extracted and refined using Verdant's Proprietary Extraction-Injection Refinement (EIR) Process. The simple refinement process involves just extracting compounds that are soluble in the SFE environment and leave behind all other insoluble materials in the sample chamber. The extracted sample contains all compounds within the original raw sample material that are soluble in the SFC environment. The full refinement process involves extracting soluble compounds and injecting them directly into a preparative column for high-resolution separation, in one in-line system, such that the final collected fraction contains only the desired target compound. Cost of the method development process to determine the optimum preparative separation conditions for the soluble extracts is included in the price of the full refinement.

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