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Yefim Alekseev
Yefim Alekseev

Finish Him Daddy

That's it. Expensive but effective. If it's a Rosie Big Daddy on earlier levels, it should be an instant kill. If it's an Elite Bouncer, it'll take off about 2/3 of his hit points and you should be able to finish him off easily with the grenade launcher or the shotgun.

Finish him daddy


If you're out of Proximity Mines you can use Telekinesis to throw an explosive barrel at one, then pull out the Chemical Thrower and use Electric Gel to finish him off. He stays stunned so he can't attack, but it takes a lot of ammo. Fortunately you can create Electric Gel at a U-Invent station.

Attack the Big daddy then hide in one of the vents around rapture (usually in every level), the big daddy will hang around the entrance to the vent and if he's a Bouncer then he is Close Combat and can't actually hit you (make sure your far enough in so you don't get hit), he can't attack and you can just shoot him as he runs around the outside of the vent moaning...

Babies come in two kinds, boys and girls. But many dads get a bit more nervous when told they are going home with a cute little bundle of joy . . . covered in pink! Robert Wolgemuth puts anxieties to rest, encouraging new fathers of the wonderful times waiting ahead, while providing practical guidance and encouragement for every father who is walking the journey of growing a confident, God-honoring woman who (still) calls him daddy.

My older son was relaxing on the couch watching a show. On the floor sat a spread of legos broad enough to take 3-4 steps and dig one into your foot each time! I had to go upstairs to shower and asked him to clean up the legos quick so we can get going when I finish my shower.

Despite his elation at his great achievement, Donald insists it was never a target for this year. He wants to become a Major champion and, after a fourth-place finish at the Masters, he has the US Open in his sights.

Their plan was interrupted when Pearl and Nash realized what the two are doing. The siblings immediately snatched the plague ball away and Nash prepared to launch it globally like Whistler ordered. Suddenly, a half-burned Nadira managed to regain consciousness and was able to stab Nash in the back, getting her revenge. Faith took the opportunity to finish him off and took the orb of pure magic with her. As Nadira collapsed, Faith panicked and desperately tried to get the pure magic to heal her, but Giles and Alasdair regretfully explained it's was likely impossible. Upset but accepting, she gave the magic orb to them so they could complete their plan.

His results in the playoffs reflect that: He's never finished better than 34th in one of the season-ending events and has never appeared in the Tour Championship, which is where the top 30 finishers this week will go to compete for the $10 million.

Evening No. 3 was exciting because the frame for the little fort went up. The boys were starting to get a better idea about what the finished product was going to look like. And I was starting to have hope I would actually finish this thing. 041b061a72


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